Unbox U

by: Pritish Mitra and Riya Banerjee

On 27th August TIG school of management Cine Club had organised a theatre workshop “Unbox U” in association with Sukhachar Pancham. The theatre workshop was a very interactive and informative session that included many activities where faculty, students and Sukhachar Pancham group members participated.

The session started with each participant’s song or music of their own accompanied with a brief introduction about oneself, one’s liking and disliking, their happy memories etc. Such a session opening helped us to know each of the participants, their personality and attitude and also helped each one of us to start getting comfortable and open up further and participate in the programme. The “Sukhchar Pancham” group members were very friendly and created an atmosphere where each one of us felt very lively and connected which was very necessary to unbox ourselves and come out of our cosy comfort zone.

Later on, we played a game where all were told to walk alone in the room in any direction and once the mentor called a no. each had to form a group of that no. with the nearest persons. Like for instance, the mentor called out 4 so we had to form a group of 4 in seconds with the nearest persons.
After a while, we were divided into two groups of 6 people each and were told to give suitable names for the groups. This emphasised group activity among the group members, the two groups named their group “Noy Choy” and group “dynamics” which had to be explained by the group leader giving suitable reasons for the selection of the name by its group members. After that, we were told to describe the poster created by the cine club, the idea, perspective and the story behind the poster creation. Mr. Molay Mitra mentor of the Sukhachar Pancham group then discussed his thoughts behind the poster and the entire event.

Lastly, we were taught the chorus of the Bella Chao song and were told to prepare a short drama based upon the entire event’s theme where we had to put the song Bella Chao’s particular portion.

Song lyrics

We need to wake up,

We need to wise up,

We need to open our eyes

And do it now, now, now.

We need to build

A better future

And we need to start right now.

We had a wonderful time with the Sukhachar Pancham Repertory Theatre group. Restrictions, uncertainty, fear of death, due to the Pandemic are having immense negative impacts on our minds. We were greatly missing our college days. This workshop helped us to rekindle the fun of college life for a while. Most importantly we understand the importance of working in a team.

We are extremely thankful to the department for giving an opportunity to participate in such a wonderful Communicative session via Theatre workshop.

School Of Management